Dear Members and Colleagues,

I am honored and privileged to address you as the President of the Turkish Society of Immunology. As we embark on a new chapter in our society's journey, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all members and express my gratitude for your continued support and dedication to the field of immunology.

Immunology is a rapidly evolving and vital field that plays a crucial role in understanding and combating diseases. Our society serves as a platform for scientists, researchers, clinicians, and students to come together, exchange knowledge, and advance the frontiers of immunological research in Turkey.

One of our primary objectives is to promote collaboration and networking among immunologists across the country. We strive to foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions through scientific meetings, conferences, and educational programs. By creating a strong network of immunologists, we can enhance our collective understanding of immunological mechanisms and facilitate translational research for the benefit of patients.

Furthermore, we are committed to promoting immunology education and training in Turkey. We aim to support young researchers and students by providing scholarships, grants, and mentorship programs. By nurturing the next generation of immunologists, we ensure a bright future for the field and the continuous advancement of scientific knowledge.

As the President, I encourage all members to actively engage in the activities of our society. Your participation, contributions, and ideas are invaluable in shaping the direction of our organization and driving meaningful progress in immunological research and clinical practice.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the previous presidents, executive committee members, and all individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to the success of the Turkish Society of Immunology. Together, we will continue to build upon their accomplishments and strive for excellence in all our endeavors.

I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you to further strengthen the Turkish Society of Immunology and advance the field of immunology in our country. Let us collaborate, innovate, and make a lasting impact on human health through our collective knowledge and expertise.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and I wish you all a productive and fulfilling year ahead.


Ihsan Gursel
President, Turkish Society of Immunology